about the Healthy Practice Retreat:

Not long after Amy moved home to Tasmania she remember's having a drink with her mum (who is pretty amazing) and she asked Amy how she felt about the move, knowing initially she was a little apprehensive. Amy told her mum for the first time in her life, she felt like her heart was home. It’s an incredible feeling to have. Amy loves this place…. so quiet and picturesque and full of inspiration.

So, we are inviting you to come to our neck of the woods in beautiful Tasmania and enjoy a very special and amazing event we have planned. We are so excited to give you the opportunity to share in this special place as part of our third Healthy Practice Retreat.

This is a really special event because… it is restricted to a limited number of allied health practice owners, so it’s small and boutique and a great place to feel supported.

And, we will be immersed in the amazing Tasmanian country side, surrounded by quietness. There will be no one else at the venue except us, so you can soak up the clean country air with space to ponder, relax and just be. You will have a wonderful chance to disconnect from your busy practice for a short special time where you can recharge and re-group your thoughts.

    imagine if...

    You had the chance to be surrounding by people that ‘get you’ – they know your struggles and your ambitions and are there to be your support team, cheering you along all the way in a safe and trusted environment.

    You had the chance to take the overwhelm out of your life. To declutter your practice, and your thoughts and spend time working on your business. Time to stop, plan and put the right things into place.

    You created the ability to take time out of your business, to step away and know confidently that it will run without you there, so you can holiday, and take time off without feeling guilty and without having to come back to a mess.

    You decreased all that admin you have to do, and got rid of the things you didn’t love doing, and focussed on the things you absolutely love doing.

    You had the chance to celebrate your practice journey so far, and continue to grow that journey forward in one of the most beautiful settings in Tasmania, where you can sit quietly to think, stroll down a country lane, be alone to dream but also be together and find strength to make the changes you need to make so you too can ensure your heart is home.

    Well, what if we said we can provide all of those chances for you at the Healthy Practice Retreat.


    we're excited because...

    We love to bring together like-minded allied health practice owners, who want to make a difference, and want to have successful practices that allow them to do the things in life they love, whilst being financially sustainable.

    And, we love to help people find their unique ways to develop their own healthy practice. There will be some challenges, and it’s not all relaxation, but it will also be a journey of purpose, confidence, ah-ha moments, and friendships.

    We can see it now and have envisaged this retreat for a long time. There will be many laughs, and there may be tears of joy and relief when we find that courage or lightbulb idea or new thought that can guide us to our vision. And that is where the real transformation begins towards having your healthy practice, that builds your dreams and a future you will love.

    What does a healthy practice look like?

    A Healthy Practice runs smoothly, with a motivated team. It operates with all functions and processes working together cohesively, and without the need for you to be there day in and day out. Without the need for you to be up at night completing admin tasks. Without the need for you to ‘fix’ things and be feeling that overwhelming sense of long to do lists.

    A healthy practice brings you time, flexibility, and income to allow you to do the things in life you love. A healthy practice allows you the ability to respond quickly, decisively and wisely to changes and needs for your team, your community and your clients. We would love all practice owners to be able to experience what it is like to run a healthy practice.

    We at Maida Learning believe there are 6 main elements to establishing your own healthy practice...


    Knowing where you are currently at in all aspects of your practice is important to know. It gives you a base to start from and is nothing to shy away from. 


    Knowing your vision, and your strategies to get you there is crucial. Planning helps you be you, and not fall into old ineffective habits. 

    re-enforcing foundations

    Having a solid base of systems and processes in place allows you more time, flexibility and the opportunity to grow well

    nurturing your team

    Even as one person show needs assistance to create the ideal practice. A nurtured team allows trust, delegation and support for you as a practice owner. 

    growing yourself

    A practice is merely a reflection of yourself, and as a business owner, self growth, resilience and the mastery of private practice ownership is a key ingredient to success. 


    Sharing your unique message to your team, your clients and your community is the key to ensuring your practice provides great outcomes, and allows you brand to flourish. 

    What would mean the most to you right now?

    • Having the time to do those things on your list you have always wanted. A trip, time with family and friends, or get back into a hobby that you love.
    • Knowing you are financially secure in your decision to be a practice owner. Knowing that you are generating the right income for yourself and your family that is a true reflection of your time.
    • Reducing the overwhelm that comes with running a practice, and getting through each day when you know your admin tasks are building up but knowing your clients also need you as well.
    • Developing new pathways and strategies that will get you closer to your vision, and give you your time back.

    What if we can give you the time to clear the clutter and put strategic decisions in place so you can achieve that?

    What if we gave you this in a location where time literally stands still for those moments you need? Where you can share in some of the finest Tasmania wines and delicious foods whilst letting the hustle and bustle of busy practice life go for two wonderful days.

    How this wonderful retreat unfolds:

    On Wednesday 10th November upon arrival at Quamby Estate in Tasmania, you will get to settle into your luxury room and explore the beautiful garden and surrounds of the Estate, and soak up the quietness. The Estate is rich in history dating back to 1828 and oozes elegance. It is a grand historic homestead on 150 acres of rolling farmland. It’s about a comfortable 30 minute drive from the Launceston airport near the farming communities of Hagley and Westwood. We will then dive straight into the good stuff, spending the afternoon setting the foundations in place for the rest of your time with us at Quamby.

    Wednesday evening, you will then join the Maida Learning team, along with your fellow retreat companions for an amazing night of canapés and Tasmanian wine overlooking the stunning country side of the Westwood area.

    On Thursday morning, we enjoy a Quamby Estate breakfast before starting the day. This is a great day packed with practical content around reinforcing the healthy foundations of your practice, from finances, to team cohesiveness, to nailing your values. It’s time to do those things you put off and never get time to do because we will work through the areas we think are essential to creating a healthy practice. The retreat unfolds over two days and I don’t want to give too many surprises away, but after the first day, you will certainly feel like celebrating and we have just the treat for you with a special retreat dinner in the historic homestead.

    On Friday morning we again share breakfast with our fellow retreaters, before embarking on a wonderful day of creating strategy and intent, with real goals and put in place all the practical things that are needed for you to take back to your practice. By the end of the day, you will have your plan in place, your own way to guide you forward and develop your healthy practice further than you thought you could. You will take with you not only written down practical steps, but inspiration and ideas shared throughout the two days from our team and also the other retreat guests who you are likely to have a real bond with by now. To celebrate the end of 2 and a half days of amazing work, we will sit down for our final dinner together and reflect on what a wonderful few days it has been.

    To complete your stay with us have planned some fun activities for Saturday morning at the suggestion from our previous guests of the retreat. Then you will be ready to make your way back home with confidence and calmness. You will be leaving us with great memories, wonderful new friendships, and clarity on how you can grow your own healthy practice to suit your wonderful life.

      how to apply:

      Coming along to this retreat is a big bold move. It is all about taking yourself out of your comfort zone and committing to an investment in yourself and your practice. You will have to let your practice go for 4 days, and we know you can do that, because we will be here to support you.

      We need to ensure that everyone on the retreat is going to support each other and that each person is ready… ready to take on this great challenge and stretch themselves. We owe it to you to make sure that everyone coming along is pretty cool and that they REALLY want to be part of this because we will be talking about some really amazing things, and sharing some amazing stories. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the group and be happy to share their amazing self, their ideas and their dreams.

      Just before you apply, a special note…

      This is a really special 4 days. We want you to come along and not worry about a thing…. so we have made sure we are looking after all your accommodation needs and your meals whilst you are with us from Wednesday evening right through to Saturday morning. So, it’s an expensive event and it’s not for everyone.

      Our advice to you, even if you are thinking of coming, but are not yet sure, apply and do this early. This retreat is only for a select few and places will fill up very quickly. We don’t want you to miss out if you have an inkling that this is what you need right now.

      As we mentioned we only have limited spaces available on this retreat, and we are keeping it small for a reason. We want you to feel special the whole time you are there. Really feel like you are being looked after. No-one at this retreat is going to feel like a number.

      Once you have completed the application form, we will be in touch with you.

      I am really looking forward to this and hope you can find the courage and time to join me. You will not regret applying.

      need a little more detail?


      The retreat will be held at the luxury 'Quamby Estate' 1145 Westwood Road, Hagley, Tasmania 7292. 


      The retreat will commence on Wednesday the 10th of November.
      We will be running an afternoon session to begin our time together.
      Thursday and Friday will be two full days of workshops with meal breaks through the day.
      The retreat will then wrap up on Saturday the 13th after some morning - midday activities.

      where to fly to

      The closest airport is Launceston (LST) Airport. This is a comfortable 30 minute drive away from Quamby Estate. There will be additional information about optional transport arrangements leading up to the event. 

      contacting us

      If you have any questions for us, we are happy to provide the answers.
      We can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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